Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Rookie! this is a blog!  I have heard about these things and never really new what they were all about!  Tonight I had Blogging 101 from my sister-in-law so we will see if I passed or failed!  I am looking forward to meeting lots of great people and learning great things.  Be patient with my lack of knowledge to navigate the wide, wide web as I am completely computer illiterate!  I hope to share with you my opinions of books I read, the different things I make, and of new grandson who is due to arrive any day now!  'Till next time...


  1. Yay... I'm so excited you are here! Hey, go check this out... She has a really cute crocheted headband I think you would like!

  2. Hello, good luck with your new blog, it's looking good! I found you via Sunflowerz Crochet blog.

  3. You go girl! My personal opinion is blogging is more fun than facebook!

  4. Hi Becky,

    I'm so glad you started a blog. I love seeing what your creating and keeping up with your family.

    Love you Cuz,

  5. Hi,
    Many thanks for visiting my blog. I agree with the loss of hours looking at blogs. I have also learnt alot from them over the past three years. I also agree that it is better than facebook where else could you learn to craft, cook and grow veg all at the same time!!.