Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bernat CAL...

Clue # 6...

I really like this block, the lacynesss of the pattern is really pretty.
It didn't take too long to turn out the 4 required for the week.
That gave me a little time to actually crank out a couple more
blocks for Clue #5!


Clue # 7...

What a BIG granny square!
This is undoubtedly the biggest granny square I have
ever crocheted!
I'm curious to see how this will play into the final product...
My bet is it will be the centerpiece???
Well, we have a few more weeks before we will find out!


Today is Clue #8...
I haven't taken a look yet to see what it entails! 
Hopefully it will be pretty simple and will
allow time to finish up the Clue #5 blocks.
I think I have six more to do!

Have a great day!


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  1. Love them both, you must be having fun with this CAL.