Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm Still Here....

This is my beautiful, tempermental, opinionated...
oh...did I say beautiful kitty, Jasmine!
I feel so guilty for not posting sooooo long!
I used to sit with my laptop while watching my evening of
television (remember my dedication from a previous post?)
But since starting my CAL...
my fingers ususally have a crochet hook in them instead
of a keyboard!
I have only 5 more blocks to finish to be caught
up but today we got the clue on how to join the squares
so I think the next few weeks will be pretty time consuming!
But I can't wait to see the finished product as the layout
is gorgeous!  I can't wait to see the border they put on it!


My new book....
I saw that Aimee had written another book and had to have it!
I haven't made anything from either of them yet
but hopefully that will change soon!


A Gardener's Journal...

This is my next big project!
I got everything traced and ready for
when I have time to start it!
I have been following along here watching
the beautiful quilts these ladies are making and have to
have one of my own!


I got to see my grandbaby last weekend!
I can't believe  how fast he is growing!
Thought I'd share a few pictures...

Isn't he just the cutest?! 
Mr. S isn't bad either!!!


Well...the tails on my blocks are getting fixed
as long as I'm online so better sign off and get to work!


Bernat CAL...

Here it is!  The last of the blocks!
I got all 8 done but have to tuck in my tails!
I went online last night because I could not wait to see
the next clue!!!
I wasn't disappointed!!
I luv the layout of the blocks!  I think it's going to be beautiful!
From this point on tho I may be behind until the end
as I still have 5 blocks of the mitered square left to finish
along with joining my squares!

Till next week......


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bernat CAL...

Clue # 6...

I really like this block, the lacynesss of the pattern is really pretty.
It didn't take too long to turn out the 4 required for the week.
That gave me a little time to actually crank out a couple more
blocks for Clue #5!


Clue # 7...

What a BIG granny square!
This is undoubtedly the biggest granny square I have
ever crocheted!
I'm curious to see how this will play into the final product...
My bet is it will be the centerpiece???
Well, we have a few more weeks before we will find out!


Today is Clue #8...
I haven't taken a look yet to see what it entails! 
Hopefully it will be pretty simple and will
allow time to finish up the Clue #5 blocks.
I think I have six more to do!

Have a great day!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hi...My name is Becky

Yes...I am a TVholic!
I need help...what can I say?!
That's why I go so long between posts.
I don't know what I did before the invention of the DVR.
Sometimes I really want to cancel my cable and turn off the tv
and spend my time doing the many things I luv...
crochet, scrapbook, read, embroidery...
Think of the projects that could get completed,
the books that could be read...

But I chicken out...
and can't wait to watch the next reality show!


It's finally turning cool around here!
It's crazy that two days ago you could lay out and tan
and today I'm wearing sweats and freezing!


Well... apparently I'm getting no where fast
posting this blog so I will not make you suffer any longer!
Till next time which I hope won't be
too far away as I have so many things to share!