Thursday, June 10, 2010

My New Toy...

Look at my new toy! Now that the husband has set up his own blog, there was a small problem with sharing the one computer! So my brother was a sweetheart and bought me this cute little notebook that I can blog anytime I want to!  

We are still waiting for baby Kael...he obviously is in no hurry to make an appearance!  She goes to the dr tomorrow so maybe he will induce.  She's been in bed almost 2 weeks from back pain so she can't do the things you usually do to bring on the labor.

Was looking at the progress at Attic24....the granny blanket is coming along  beautifully!  I think I might actually have to make on myself!  The only problem with that is that I have sooooo many UFO's that I find it hard to start a new one...But I won't tell....will you?!!


  1. I love your new notebook. You must be so pleased with it, what a lovely gift from your brother. I hope baby Kael arrives soon.

  2. Congratulations on your new notebook. I hope that your daughter does well and that Baby Kael will come soon. Do enjoy Attic24...its one of my favorite blogs! You could start with something small like a pillow cover or one of Lucy's birdies :)