Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wellness Check...

For those of you who follow Sunflowerz Crochet, I just wanted to let you know that I spent the evening with Ms. S and she is doing well after her surgery.  She's up and about, reading a little and she even crocheted some today.  If she has picked up her hook, you know she's feeling better!  She is in great hands....Mr. S is taking really good care of her.  He has been cooking great meals for her...I even invited myself to dinner tonight it looked so good!  So don't worry, her blogging friends, she is coming along just fine.  She may be a few more days before she is ready to sit at the computer and catch up on the gossip and the latest crafts so bear with her...she'll be back before you know it.

Now, on to the baby front.... The doctor said if he has not made an appearance by next Thurs, he will induce labor and take charge of the situation!  She is in so much back pain, I really feel sorry for her.  So, we will wait patiently as this may be a sign that he will be a headstrong little boy!

That's all for tonight!  Just wanted to say a quick hello and give an update on Ms. S....


  1. Thanks for the update on Sandy! Talked to her briefly by email a couple of days after she got home. I'm waiting to show everyone what she sent me in her Giveaway package until she's up and on the computer.

    Glad I could make you giggle and get you closer to 5:00 with a smile.

  2. Glad to hear she is making good progress.