Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tucson Quilters Guild Show...

This weekend was the Tucson Quilter's Guild show
and the second show I have attended.
I was in awe at the talent of these men and women
and the quilts the produced.
Just walking the isles and looking at these works of art
were very inspiring.
I was able to take a few pictures before the battery in my
camera died on me so I thought you may enjoy...

This quilt depicted the twelve months of the calendar,
unfortunately it wasn't a very good pic on my part.
I like it because of the different textiles and diminsions used.

This one used the reproduction fabrics of the 20's & 30's
that I also included embroidery which I love too!

This is another quilt using grays and blacks along with a brighter
color which I seems to be drawn to.

This little quilt was of the beautiful night blooming Cereus cactus.
The nightblooming cereus is also known as the lunar flower, moon flower and luna flower. This plant is native to the Sonoran Desert in North America. The plant grows as a thin, almost dead looking stick from a single stem in the ground. They bloom just on one or two nights of the year, typically around May 30. Beneath the ground is a large tuber, often the size of a watermelon, that was eaten by Indians and early settlers because of its nutritious content. Pack rats often eat these blossoms before morning, so catching a glimpse of them can be fleeting. They often stay open until the early morning hours, but then close up for another year.

We actually have one of these beautiful cactus on our property.

Anyone who knows me knows I luv Sunflowers!
So of course I had to have pictures of a couple of those quilts!
Aren't they beautiful?!!

This was a fun quilt! 
See the lady in the red top? Well, her skirt is made so that
it lifts up...for those who are curious and want to lift it up
it has a label that says something about "Shame on you for lifting a girls skirt!"

I thought these two were absolutely beautiful...
love the colors, the pictures do not do them justice.

This is the last of my pictures...
this one was in a bed turning they were having.
I love the bubble gum pink of the old days...
I am really partial to the 20's & 30's fabrics and I thought
this was beautiful and in amazing condition considering it's age.
The color combination of the pink and yellow was wonderful.


That was the highlight of my weekend.  Next weekend is the
Phoenix Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival....
It's quite the event and I am so looking forward to attending with my
SILs Beth & Sandy...
I think this will be the first event the three of us have attended together...
I joined my husbands family many years ago...
Beth was the only crafty one...
before too long she had me corrupted!
She taught me to crochet & quilt for which I will be forever grateful!
Then years later when Sandy joined the family...
we corrupted her too!
She now crochets, sews and she is now learning to quilt!
(You know Beth's brothers are none too happy with their big sister!)


Speaking of crafting... I have spent way too much time trying to create this
post and am dying to get to my current project!
I am half way done with the embroidery for my
"Gardener's Journal" quilt!

I bid you farwell so I can sew!


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  1. Half way done? Seriously? Wow, you are going at a very fast pace! Can we please see some sneak peeks? That quilt show sure looks inspiring...there are some very talented people around :)