Monday, January 3, 2011

Dear Diary....

Dear Diary.... forgive me since it has been soooo long since
my last entry!
I thought I was going to be better at this the
last time I  did a post but we see I have failed big time!
I usually would get on the computer in the evenings after
work but ever since I started working on my Bernat CAL...
my evenings were dedicated to working on that with
not too many doing nothing.

But....I finally finished it this past weekend!
It's the biggest afghan I have made as I usually stick to
baby size because I get tired of working on the same things
for long periods of time...

Do you want to see it?

Here goes...

I am so excited how it turned out!
I thought for sure it would be pretty cattywhompas!
(Did you like my word? If you are from the South, you know
what I'm talking about!!)
I think I will put it in my Esty shop and
see if I get any nibbles.


I did take some time out before the holidays to make a little
something for the girls at work.
My SIL turned me on the the fabric wrapped clothesline rope...
I believe I had posted a picture of a bowl I had made
sometime ago and decided to make a pencil cup for everyone's desk.
I was really please how they turned out...
unfortunately, everyone's favorite color was purple so there
wasn't much variety in the colors but
they still are pretty!

Cute huh?!!!


I also finished a baby afghan I had started in the summer
for my niece who actually delivered over the holidays.
The picture really doesn't show the details
as the pattern is a self bordering which was really nice...

Then there were the holidays...
Boy am I glad all that is over and back to normal!
If you are like me... you love looking at everyone's holiday pics!
So here are mine...

My Christmas cactus actually bloomed!

This was the view at the hotel where my work party was...
beautiful as the sun was going down..

Me and my honey...

Baby Kael's 1st Christmas...
Mom and Dad could have opened a toy store after
this holiday!  He made out like a bandit!

Next year should really be fun!


Well... I have bored you enough...
I have a couple projects in my head so maybe
some new pics soon...
And now that the CAL is history....
my OCD self can start working on my
Gardener's Journal stitcheries...




  1. No, you were not boring at all - you were a busy lady! That big green and blue afghan with the blocks is just beautiful! ... you do nice work. I love the Christmas cactus. I have never owned one, but always admired their beautiful blossoms. I wish you a wonderful week and (if it's not too late) a happy and healthy New Year :-)

  2. Busy is right! Wow, what lots of beautiful crochet you have completed! Just amazing. Everything is very wonderful. At anytime you can post these or any other projects on my new Crafty Links blog. I'm sure you will be great inspiration for all. I really do love the Bernat CAL and baby Kael is a sweetie pie!