Sunday, February 27, 2011

Woke up to snow!

What a wonderful surprise to wake up to today!
Thank goodness we woke up when we did because it
melted really fast!  Within the hour it was gone!
The views of the mountains are still beautiful tho...
From our home you can see them to the North and to the South
and they have a beautiful white blanket of snow...


I was actually a little crafty this weekend, believe it or not!
I made my first tied fleece blanket.
My brother in law recently moved to CA and my husband
is going for a visit next week so I thought I would make him a
little something for his new home!  When he left AZ, he took only
what he could fit in his car so he didn't have much...
I came across these little fleece throws for 2 for $5 and couldn't resist!

I was really surprised at how fast it worked up!
I actually ended up buying 8 blankets to make a total of 4 tied throws!
The one, one for myself and two for Christmas gifts for my neice & nephew!


I also started a projct I have been meaning to do for "years"!
I had left over yarn from a baby blanket project and have been
wanting to make just a scrap granny square blanket
to clear out some of the old yarn...

This is what I have so far, started it last night after
it took me forever to wind up the tangled mess of yarn!


Look what my SIL, Sandy, made for me for my 25th anniversary!
It is so neat...

What a great idea...even for a wedding gift!
Thanks Sandy!


I am still working on my Gardener's Journal embroidery pieces...
I like to have more than one type of project going so it's coming along
quite nicely!


I almost forgot!  During Superbowl weekend, I had tried to make a toothbrush
rug!  That was quite comical! Do you really want to see my
first attempt at this???  Try not to laugh too hard now...

yes...this is supposed to be the start of an oval shaped rug...
can't you tell?!!
So...gave up on that one and started a rectagular one...

it's a little better but still curls up!
I tend to crochet tight and apparently it carries over to
this project too!  I haven't decided if I want to continue to see how
it will lay or start another!


I couldn't end my post without a new picture of my little peanut!
He is trying to walk now and is quite a handful!
He is such a cutie...

What a doll baby!

I almost forgot to mention that I finally figured out what the problem
was with my icon troubles!  I was going C-R-A-Z-Y! trying
to figure what the problem was and problem solved!

Till next time...



  1. Wasn't the snow awesome? And I'm so glad you like your picture..and I love all your projects. I got fabric to do Joel's pillow, so I'll get that done this week.

  2. Wow, you've been busy since my last visit :) I can't wait to see your progress on A Gardeners Journal...mine is STILL at the quilters, so it will be a lovely surprise when it comes home to me. Granny squares are the perfect way to use up some of your wool stash!