Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So Much Time on My Hands....

Just wanted to check in and say hello...
As the title implies....this week I have time on my hands!
Last Friday I had arthroscopic surgery on my right shoulder so
I  have this week off work!
I am limited in the mobility of my right arm until I see the doc
on Thur so have done a lot of reading and started a
Granny Stripe afghan! 

The motion of crocheting doesn't seem to bother
me but I can't do my embroidery...
tomorrow I may try again using different motion and movement.


Oh... I almost forgot to share with you the beautiful fruit arrangement
my work sent to me...

It was such a treat and incredibly delicious!


On Saturday, after my surgery, we went to the Tucson Festival of Books!
It was something we have looked forward to for a year!  This was the
third one the city has hosted and it was fantastic! 
I was hoping I had enough drugs (if needed!) to
get me through it but I was fine.
It goes for both Sat & Sun on the campus of the
University of Arizona and hosts many local authors and panels
of discussions...

This is the first time we actually sat in on a discussion...
It was a discussion of Genres of Literature which included a local author, J.A. Jance.
She is the 2nd from the right.
I bought the first book in her Ali Reynolds series, Edge of Evil.
She was nice enough to autograph it as well. 
I ususally try to buy at least one book from a local author.


I actually got a project finished last week!
I am trying to use up yarns in my stash and may a baby afghan...
I thought it turned out cute! 

I went with the old "brain dead" pattern of a Granny Square...
it's one of my favorites!


Tomorrow I will take the kid to try for his driving permit again!
Hopefully he passes and can work his way to his license!
I can't figure kids these seems that he and most of his
friends are in no hurry to drive!
I remember back in the "old" days, when you got your license
at 15 yrs old and were waiting outside the door the second after midnight!
He is almost 17 yrs old and I have to drag him down there!

So.... till next time!



  1. Hope your shoulder is feeling great soon...and I adore that fruit bouquet! Have never seen one like it creative!

  2. I love how the baby afghan turned out! And you are going to have to show me how you are doing that Granny Stripe, it is neat. How nice of your work to send you that fruit bouquet. See ya Thursday :)

  3. Your crocheting looks great! Hope all is well with your shoulder! Thanks so much for the nice comments you leave on my site! I'd reply directly, but your profile is set to no-reply!