Sunday, July 17, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy...

As usual it's been quite awhile since my last post! But this time I actually have something productive to show and tell! My SIL recently moved and in her new house and she gained a room dedicated just for her crafts and sewing. She flattered me by asking if I would help her organize and decorate it so I told her I would try! (if you could have seen the number of boxes she had to unpack, most would have hightailed it out of there... I seriously thought about it!) With that said.... here is her new work space!

Some of the decorations I made for her such as the bulletin board, the two photo frames, the wooden buttons on the wall, the magazine holders and my favorite of all...the sign above the closed door! The oversized buttons were taken from an idea I saw on someone's blog (forgive me but I don't remember which)and the sign is personalized with the name of my SIL's blog!

I finished all of the embroidery for my "A Gardener's Journal" guilt! I can't believe I actually started to piece the blocks for it this weekend. I was going to build my blocks using my new sewing machine bought just for this project, but decided to try to piece them by hand as I am a traditionalist when it comes to quilting! I can't seem to use a machine! So... for a project that should take a normal person a relatively short amount of time... this will probably be a year in the making for me! This in addition to the many other projects going on!

That's a wrap for me! Till next time...

p.s.  I was getting so frustrated trying to do this post, I couldn't get my pictures of my quilt blocks this time!  When I cool off and have a little more patience...


  1. Hey this decoration is very cool, you are very creative i must say...

  2. Hi,
    YOu did a marvellous job here. Looks like a nice big room too. How did you make the bullitin board, if you do not mind me asking.

  3. I love my craft room.... thanks again so much for all your help!!!