Sunday, July 31, 2011

10 Years In The Making...

I cannot believe I finally finished a project that I started
soooooooo many years ago!
I had found this embroidery pattern for an angel for each season
and fell in love with it so I bought it.
It involved quilting as well which made it even more attractive for me!

Now... 10 years later I finally finished it!

It's a really crappy picture...sorry!
One day I will learn how to take a proper picture!
I could totally blame the camera, but it's operator error 
for sure!


I'm still working on my Gardener's Journal quilt...
(I took a break to finish my Angel quilt)

I'm still working on my Granny Stripe afghan and a
scrappy baby afghan...

But I want to start new projects too!


I really need to finish the projects already started!

Intro....a new book I got!

For those of you who really do not like sewing machines...
Like me!
It actually has a few cute ideas for hand sewing projects!

cute pouches...
an adorable pillow...

even a purse!

and my favorite!  I think these light and breezy curtins are beautiful!
So I see one of these projects in my future!


Well...that's all for me tonight...
got homemade spaghetti sauce on the stove simmering
Yum, yum!
So I better go check on it!

Till next time...


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Great Storage Idea!

When I made my post the other day of my SIL's craft room, I realized I did not take a picture of the most important storage feature in her room!  So I had her email me a picture so I could share it with you!

Isn't this just a fabulous idea!
She had seen on a blog where someone had used
cardboards designed for comic books and that's what we used!
I took all of her fabric that was larger than fat quarter size
and folded it to cover the piece of cardboard
then grouped them by selection...
seasonal, prints, solids, etc.

Just wanted to share this pic with you, 
heading off to work for now but check back
soon as I received a wonderful book yesterday that
has a dozen hand sewing projects!
(for those of us who don't like sewing machines!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy...

As usual it's been quite awhile since my last post! But this time I actually have something productive to show and tell! My SIL recently moved and in her new house and she gained a room dedicated just for her crafts and sewing. She flattered me by asking if I would help her organize and decorate it so I told her I would try! (if you could have seen the number of boxes she had to unpack, most would have hightailed it out of there... I seriously thought about it!) With that said.... here is her new work space!

Some of the decorations I made for her such as the bulletin board, the two photo frames, the wooden buttons on the wall, the magazine holders and my favorite of all...the sign above the closed door! The oversized buttons were taken from an idea I saw on someone's blog (forgive me but I don't remember which)and the sign is personalized with the name of my SIL's blog!

I finished all of the embroidery for my "A Gardener's Journal" guilt! I can't believe I actually started to piece the blocks for it this weekend. I was going to build my blocks using my new sewing machine bought just for this project, but decided to try to piece them by hand as I am a traditionalist when it comes to quilting! I can't seem to use a machine! So... for a project that should take a normal person a relatively short amount of time... this will probably be a year in the making for me! This in addition to the many other projects going on!

That's a wrap for me! Till next time...

p.s.  I was getting so frustrated trying to do this post, I couldn't get my pictures of my quilt blocks this time!  When I cool off and have a little more patience...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Don't Fall Off Your Chairs...

OMG!  I can't believe how long it's been since my last post!  If I made a post every time I thought about making a post...I would be right up there with you guys!  I just can't seem to make the time to sit down, turn on the computer, write a post and hit the enter button! Let's just see how many new excuses I can come up with this time! I'm tied up a couple nights a week after work so by the time I get home, I don't feel like doing much of anything, then the other nights it seems the obsession with television takes over and not much else gets done.  It wasn't so bad when I had a DVR because I could tape my shows  and didn't have to worry about it.  Since getting rid of cable and only having the basic channels, if I don't watch it when it's on, I seem to think I won't be able to function!  Stupid, stupid, stupid!  I think if I missed a night of tv, the sun will still rise the next morning!  It drives my husband crazy... he could never turn the tv on and never feel like he missed a thing.  I wish I could  get to that point!

I did actually get some crafting done this week for my SIL for her new craft room!  She moved into her new house this weekend and she will now have a craft room all her own.  I was busy crafting up a storm and realized how much fun it is!  Wanna see what I actually got done???  Look...

I saw this blog post awhile back that had the cutest "buttons" made from the wooden bases of the glass domed cheese containers!  I started to mention them her that I had seen this idea so she could make them for herself but I decided to keep quiet and make them for her!  I actually found all of them from one trip to only one thrift store!  I could not believe my luck

After a little bit of sanding...
drilling a few holes...
and a little paint...

They actually look like big buttons!
And since she sews, I thought they would be perfect for her new room!

My next project...
I made a trip to Ikea to get some plain magazine holders
to spruce up and add a little color...

on my way to the register..
I happened across this pkg of 3 unfinished phote frames
that just begged to be taken home too!


I thought they turned out so cute!
As you can tell, her colors are pink and green.

And my most favorite project of all...

This is the title of one of her blogs! 
So... if you are looking for a couple of new blogs to follow,
check her out at Sandysewz and Sunflowerzcrochet.

That's about all of the crafting I've done lately.  I am still working
on my Gardener's Journal blocks and my retro embroidery blocks.
I didn't take a picture of the retro blocks yet but I have two more to stitch so
once I have those done I will post them.  They are done in bright colors
which are a total contrast to the Journal blocks!

Haven't worked much on the Granny Stripe blanket as I still don't have
air conditioning yet and it's a little heavy to be working on in my lap!

Well...I will sign off for now so I can actually read some of "your" blog posts!

Till next time...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So Much Time on My Hands....

Just wanted to check in and say hello...
As the title implies....this week I have time on my hands!
Last Friday I had arthroscopic surgery on my right shoulder so
I  have this week off work!
I am limited in the mobility of my right arm until I see the doc
on Thur so have done a lot of reading and started a
Granny Stripe afghan! 

The motion of crocheting doesn't seem to bother
me but I can't do my embroidery...
tomorrow I may try again using different motion and movement.


Oh... I almost forgot to share with you the beautiful fruit arrangement
my work sent to me...

It was such a treat and incredibly delicious!


On Saturday, after my surgery, we went to the Tucson Festival of Books!
It was something we have looked forward to for a year!  This was the
third one the city has hosted and it was fantastic! 
I was hoping I had enough drugs (if needed!) to
get me through it but I was fine.
It goes for both Sat & Sun on the campus of the
University of Arizona and hosts many local authors and panels
of discussions...

This is the first time we actually sat in on a discussion...
It was a discussion of Genres of Literature which included a local author, J.A. Jance.
She is the 2nd from the right.
I bought the first book in her Ali Reynolds series, Edge of Evil.
She was nice enough to autograph it as well. 
I ususally try to buy at least one book from a local author.


I actually got a project finished last week!
I am trying to use up yarns in my stash and may a baby afghan...
I thought it turned out cute! 

I went with the old "brain dead" pattern of a Granny Square...
it's one of my favorites!


Tomorrow I will take the kid to try for his driving permit again!
Hopefully he passes and can work his way to his license!
I can't figure kids these seems that he and most of his
friends are in no hurry to drive!
I remember back in the "old" days, when you got your license
at 15 yrs old and were waiting outside the door the second after midnight!
He is almost 17 yrs old and I have to drag him down there!

So.... till next time!


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Woke up to snow!

What a wonderful surprise to wake up to today!
Thank goodness we woke up when we did because it
melted really fast!  Within the hour it was gone!
The views of the mountains are still beautiful tho...
From our home you can see them to the North and to the South
and they have a beautiful white blanket of snow...


I was actually a little crafty this weekend, believe it or not!
I made my first tied fleece blanket.
My brother in law recently moved to CA and my husband
is going for a visit next week so I thought I would make him a
little something for his new home!  When he left AZ, he took only
what he could fit in his car so he didn't have much...
I came across these little fleece throws for 2 for $5 and couldn't resist!

I was really surprised at how fast it worked up!
I actually ended up buying 8 blankets to make a total of 4 tied throws!
The one, one for myself and two for Christmas gifts for my neice & nephew!


I also started a projct I have been meaning to do for "years"!
I had left over yarn from a baby blanket project and have been
wanting to make just a scrap granny square blanket
to clear out some of the old yarn...

This is what I have so far, started it last night after
it took me forever to wind up the tangled mess of yarn!


Look what my SIL, Sandy, made for me for my 25th anniversary!
It is so neat...

What a great idea...even for a wedding gift!
Thanks Sandy!


I am still working on my Gardener's Journal embroidery pieces...
I like to have more than one type of project going so it's coming along
quite nicely!


I almost forgot!  During Superbowl weekend, I had tried to make a toothbrush
rug!  That was quite comical! Do you really want to see my
first attempt at this???  Try not to laugh too hard now...

yes...this is supposed to be the start of an oval shaped rug...
can't you tell?!!
So...gave up on that one and started a rectagular one...

it's a little better but still curls up!
I tend to crochet tight and apparently it carries over to
this project too!  I haven't decided if I want to continue to see how
it will lay or start another!


I couldn't end my post without a new picture of my little peanut!
He is trying to walk now and is quite a handful!
He is such a cutie...

What a doll baby!

I almost forgot to mention that I finally figured out what the problem
was with my icon troubles!  I was going C-R-A-Z-Y! trying
to figure what the problem was and problem solved!

Till next time...


Saturday, February 26, 2011


Yes...It's me, SunnyB! 
Leave it to me to post only when I need something!
I know it's been quite awhile since my last post but I will admit that
I read your posts more than I post myself!
I am really not a computer person so I don't go online as often as
I would like.
So here I am, pleading for your help....
A little background info...
both my husband and I have blogs...
Mine is SunnyB's Crafty Corner...
I recently found out that my icon for SunnyB reads SuggestAmerica
on your Followers list...

I tried to take a picture of the computer screen as it shows on a blog
to show you how it's listed...
that is my picture icon but not SunnyB!
We have spent so much time trying to figure out what happened
but we are at a loss!
So... I thought you more experienced bloggers can help me!
I am about to pull my gray hair out!
Or throw my computer!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tucson Quilters Guild Show...

This weekend was the Tucson Quilter's Guild show
and the second show I have attended.
I was in awe at the talent of these men and women
and the quilts the produced.
Just walking the isles and looking at these works of art
were very inspiring.
I was able to take a few pictures before the battery in my
camera died on me so I thought you may enjoy...

This quilt depicted the twelve months of the calendar,
unfortunately it wasn't a very good pic on my part.
I like it because of the different textiles and diminsions used.

This one used the reproduction fabrics of the 20's & 30's
that I also included embroidery which I love too!

This is another quilt using grays and blacks along with a brighter
color which I seems to be drawn to.

This little quilt was of the beautiful night blooming Cereus cactus.
The nightblooming cereus is also known as the lunar flower, moon flower and luna flower. This plant is native to the Sonoran Desert in North America. The plant grows as a thin, almost dead looking stick from a single stem in the ground. They bloom just on one or two nights of the year, typically around May 30. Beneath the ground is a large tuber, often the size of a watermelon, that was eaten by Indians and early settlers because of its nutritious content. Pack rats often eat these blossoms before morning, so catching a glimpse of them can be fleeting. They often stay open until the early morning hours, but then close up for another year.

We actually have one of these beautiful cactus on our property.

Anyone who knows me knows I luv Sunflowers!
So of course I had to have pictures of a couple of those quilts!
Aren't they beautiful?!!

This was a fun quilt! 
See the lady in the red top? Well, her skirt is made so that
it lifts up...for those who are curious and want to lift it up
it has a label that says something about "Shame on you for lifting a girls skirt!"

I thought these two were absolutely beautiful...
love the colors, the pictures do not do them justice.

This is the last of my pictures...
this one was in a bed turning they were having.
I love the bubble gum pink of the old days...
I am really partial to the 20's & 30's fabrics and I thought
this was beautiful and in amazing condition considering it's age.
The color combination of the pink and yellow was wonderful.


That was the highlight of my weekend.  Next weekend is the
Phoenix Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival....
It's quite the event and I am so looking forward to attending with my
SILs Beth & Sandy...
I think this will be the first event the three of us have attended together...
I joined my husbands family many years ago...
Beth was the only crafty one...
before too long she had me corrupted!
She taught me to crochet & quilt for which I will be forever grateful!
Then years later when Sandy joined the family...
we corrupted her too!
She now crochets, sews and she is now learning to quilt!
(You know Beth's brothers are none too happy with their big sister!)


Speaking of crafting... I have spent way too much time trying to create this
post and am dying to get to my current project!
I am half way done with the embroidery for my
"Gardener's Journal" quilt!

I bid you farwell so I can sew!