Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Sunday!!!

Happy Fall from Arizona!
Unfortunately in AZ we really don't have much
of a "fall" season.
But we will embrace what little we have!
Today me & Mr. S. went to the mountains, Medera Canyon,
and went for a hike.
I was so looking forward to this hike because the last
time I did it, I had to take soooo many breaks and I
could hardly make it to the end.
Since then, I have been working out and doing a lot of walking.
I have also been trying to start running with the C25K
program to get me up to be able to run a 5K
eventually! I did the hike in record time for me and...
I even ran almost half of it!  I was so excited!


I also bought another book!!
(I know, like I need another book! Especially a quilting book!)

It looked like a great book for using
jelly rolls, cinnamon rolls, charms and precut fabric pieces!
There is  a pattern that caught my eye that maybeeeee
one day I may attempt!
That is... when I can turn my attention to quilting!


Bernat CAL

I really luv this block! 
(I didn't like all the tails tho!)
To me it gives you insight at the bigger picture of your afghan!
You see how the colors work together!
So far I have actually kept up with the blocks and had the
number needed completed before the new clues were given.
Hopefully I can stay on top of it!


So.... till next time ladies!



  1. This is my favorite square so far also. Yours turned out great. And I love the fall but dislike the winter that follows.

  2. I'm gonna have to borrow that book!! Love how your CAL is turning out, can't wait to see it finished.