Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's Been Awhile....

I have to start my blog today to say just how excited
I am to say I got Wicked tickets!
I saw it in Chicago a couple of years ago just
have to see it again!  It was fabulous!
The tickets went on sale early Friday @ 7:00am
at the Univ of AZ campus prior to
the regular 10:00am sales time.
They predicted that it would sell out prior to the later time
so...I was standing in line @ 5:45am to make sure
I got mine!  Plus the first 100 people in line got a gift!

This was my free hat!

And my tickets! 


I think I mentioned last visit my SIL, Sandy, and I were going
the the Craft & Sewing Festival...
I was really disappointed as it was very small and most
everything was geared toward quilters and sewers, nothing much
in the way of different crafts.  I used to frequent the one in
Phoenix every year and it was much bigger and a lot of  variety.
I did manage to pick up a few fat quarters...

We will see what the future holds for these!

I bought a package of scrap fabric for like $4 and some
clothesline cord...

and made this bowl....

 While making the bowl I thought of making a pen holder
for my desk at work.  Same idea but I used a can of
veggies as a template for my pattern... I thought it came
out pretty good!

Not too shabby!


My crochet-a-long is coming along!
Here are last weeks blocks...

This week we have to make 8 squares of the following...

One down, seven to go!


I made a couple more pillows from placemats!  My SIL, Sandy,
gave me these cute placemats and voila....




Last night we went to see Matt Costa sing downtown.
The venue was fabulous!  It was at Hotel Congress which is a
small, quaint place that is the perfect setting for someone
like Matt.

This is the opening band, just wanted to show you the decorative
framing of the stage...

This is Matt Costa and his band, he is the one in the black

On the 2nd Sat of the month, downtown Tucson has lots of activites
going on such as vendors, entertainment and a few oddities!
There were a couple of vehicles that were covered
in things...this one was a van covered in old cameras...

this is a close up of a design on the passenger door.

This bug was covered in musical items..

This is one of the historical theaters downtown...
I have yet to go but hopefully soon!


Wow....that's a lot to take in!  I will try not to wait soooo long
in between posts but I so dread the downloading of pics
I don't bother!  It seems to take soooooo darn
long and it's irritating!

Now that it's take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to do this post...
maybe I can read some of yours!
Till next time...


  1. You've been one busy lady - I guess you can say you got wicket tickets ;-)

    How did you make that container? Wrap the scrap yarn around the cord and then crocheted it together or coiled it around and around and glued it somehow? It really looks nice! What a wonderful idea!

  2. That was a great post.... I also got tickets to Wicked....or I should say my friend got us tickets. I can't wait to see it.
    Fat quarters are great... And the BOWLS.. AWESOME
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. i read wicked and love it. Also love your cloth bowl.

  4. I've just found your blog from Suz's Crochet Groove and I've become a follower.
    I love the bowl you made. I too would like to know how it's done. It looks complicated but oh so pretty!