Monday, October 25, 2010

My New Pretty....

Okay...before we get to my good news,
I wanted to share with you a recent sunset!
I truly luv sunrises & sunsets in Arizona! new pretty!

We traded my Chevy Avalance in for a Subaru Legacy Sport Wagon.
My Avalanch was way up there in miles and was going
to start to need a lot of $ for things that need to be serviced,
it takes a lot of $ to fill up the gas tank,
my tags were due (more $),
my payments were really high...
we decided to trade her in on a younger model with
many more years under the hood!

It was owned by only one previous owner and in fabulous condition.
Even the 16yr old teenage didn't mind the change!
It passed his approval!

Bernat CAL

Okay... beginning this week, I will never be caught up again!
I can't belive I am supposed to crank out 16, did I say...16 blocks this week!
I have to admit, I am doing stitches I have never done before
and may have never done if I were not doing the CAL.
I am so curious as to what the final product will look like.
So.... here 4 of the blocks for this week.
4 down....12 to go!!!!

Cute huh?!!!

I can't wait to see what's in store for this week!


Between these blocks and my books...
I will never get to start that embroidery/quilt project i wanted to start.
I may go ahead and trace the embroidery patterns and
purchase the floss to have on hand for when I
might squeeeze a little stitching in!


Well...guess I'd better sign off so I can maybe get a little
crocheting done tonight!


  1. Congrats on the new fun!

  2. Hi Becky, thanks for your nice comment on my candle mat! I love your CAL blocks! You're 3 up on me for clue #5! It took me 3 blocks to figure out what would work for me so the first two will have to be frogged if I need the yarn to finish the last 15! I sure hope I don't run out of yarn! Fun though, don't you think?


  3. Hi..nice car!
    Glad you like the craftin space...was n't planned that way but Phil got his 2 story double garage to play in so he said l should have the conservatory..lucky me hey?...and your right the light is fabulous in there
    Didn't make too much mess yestrday to keep it tidy for a few days at least hehe
    Hugs Suz x

  4. Hey Becky! Just popped in to say thanks for your lovely comments about my GJ blocks on the Stitch-A-Long blog! It's so much fun working on this quilt with all the lovely Stitch-A-Long ladies and fabulous to see how everyone's quilt is coming up so differently, but all gorgeous! :0) Have a great weekend! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  5. Cool new car! Lucky you, I'm in the market for one too, just can't find the right now. Love your crochet blocks, the pattern is one I haven't seen before. Thank you for your help with my scarf dilemma, much appreciated.