Saturday, August 14, 2010

Finally....It's Time For My Giveaway!!!

Well my blogging friends...I finally got myself together and have everything ready for my long talked about giveaway!  I thought I would make one of my scrapbook paper covered journal's with matching pen and I also made a small note pad for your purse!  I hope you like it...I absolutely luuuvvvv the paper I chose, it's one of my favorites!  Without further adue...

The picture above is the three items together...

This is the larger journal....

This is the smaller notebook along with the pen.
The pen has a piece of the scrapbook paper within the
body of the pen for decoration.


Now for the fun stuff!
I came up with a word scramble
I hope you will enjoy and also find challenging!

The 1st person with all  the correct answers
if no one gets them all, the person with
the most correct answers...
by the deadline date
which is this time next week..
Saturday, Aug 21st!

I do ask one thing of be eligle to win, you
must be a follower of my blog! 
Other than that...
lets get on with the show!



A little hint...
If you blog with blogspot, think about
what you all have in common when you log
onto your blog!


Well...better sign off as my little baby Kael
is here for the weekend and he is
really wanting his Nana!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


1 comment:

  1. The ones with a question mark were missing a letter in your list so I don't know if those are right.

    PUBLISH? ("H" missing)
    DASHBOARD? ("D" missing and an extra "B")