Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Getaway...

What a wonderful weekend I had last week!
A friend & I took a long weekend and headed
to the lake for four days!
We picked the perfect time to go as
the universities were starting school on Monday
so all the college kids were moving into
the dorms and left the lake to us!


The surrounding scenery was beautiful...
the shapes of the mountains...


We got to the lake early Friday afternoon and got settled...
she had called in advance and had her trailer
set up in our camping spot. It was really
nice to already have this done as it made
our set up a lot easier!

This was our Home Sweet Home for the weekend...

Isn't it nice?!!
It was so spacious and had all
the comforts of home!  We even had
cable TV with HBO!  I know...
so much for roughing it huh?
With a weekend with no husband and kid,
I couldn't ask for more..
oh wait...there is more!
My friend wouldn't let me do a thing!
She cooked..
She washed dishes...
Did I mention what a great weekend it was?!!!


I think my favorite part of the scenery was the sunsets...

Saturday was quite the lazy day until about noon...
then we headed down to the little beach area
to spend the afternoon just swimming and
floating in the lake...
I have to say I have quite the nice tan
going on now!
This is the little beach area where we spent the day...

This little quirrel came down to get a drink...
he was so cute!
There were also some houseboats that were anchored
just beyond where we were swimming.
One was actually for sale...
I would luv to have been able to
see just what one looks like inside,
I think it would be fun to live on one!


We took a walk down to the marina
to check out the boats..

Saturday night the monsoon storms were rolling in..
it made for some beautiful changes in the sky...


One night I happened to be out and saw this
beautiful moonscape...

And this was another beautiful shot of the lake...

With that...I will just say...
if you are ever in AZ,
head out to Apache Lake and enjoy...

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  1. I agree - Apache Lake is beautiful! Unfortunately I have only seen it once and will never see it again - the drive there scared me to death! Never again...