Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Busy Weekend...

I must stop doing everything on Sundays as I could use the extra day to rest up
 before going back to work on Monday!
Got the house all cleaned on Sat so I could play
(or work, depending how you look at it!)
on Sunday!  I got a wild hair and decided I wanted to paint things!
My last, loney bar stool died so I found an old pair in the garage
that were way too light in color so I painted
them a dark brown to match the home decor...

before & and after

Then I found a small wicker table a friend gave me years ago
and decided it needed a little pick me up too!

before and after...

I know it doesn't seem like much to you but imagine
what seemed like
150 degrees outside...
100% humidity...
no breeze...
How stupid were we?!!  But it was well worth it! 
I think...

I also finished my book! 
The Aloha Quilt
I practically read the whole thing this weekend!  I could not put it down!
I think of all the books in her series... this was my favorite!
If you didn't read any of her books, at least read this one, you will enjoy it!

I almost forgot...Saturday when out shopping, my sister-in-law Sandy
(you may know her from Sandy Sewz & Sunflowerz Crochet)
asked if I could stop by her house as she had made me something...
I just luv her new sewing gig, because I usually benefit from it!
When I got there, she presented me with the cutest tote! 
I absolutely luvvvvv it!
Check it out...

She saw that I had admired one on another blog and she made me one herself!
Isn't it beautiful?!!
Thanks again Sandy!!

Well...I should put a wee bit of time into my Hawaiian block, as I am
still inspired from my book!  I only started it about 7 or 8 yrs ago!
It may actually get completely stitched this year!

I almost forgot...I also set up my Esty account! 
My husband has been telling me to do this for a couple of years now
so I finally did!  If you get a chance to check it out...

I only have one item for now as I ran out of time...
I hope to get more items listed this weekend so stop by and check me out!


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  1. Your painted stuff looks awesome! I'm so glad you liked your bag... it was alot of fun to make. I've got more sewing projects coming too! I really do want to learn about Etsy, so you will have to come over again some Thurs. and give me a lesson okay?