Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Pride & Joy...

Isn't she beautiful?
This is my big, beautiful African Violet!
I used to have several
3-4 years ago
but when we moved to our current home...
they didn't take to kindly to the move...
needless to say...
she is the sole survivor!

I'd say she is at least as big as
a dinner plate....
and she has a big, beautiful bouquet
of pink flowers!
I just wanted to share her with you!


I haven't been reading this week...
so I have got lots of sewing done...
I finished the embroidery on one of my
quilting projects...remember this one?
Each block contains an angel for each season...

I know this is a really bad picture...
but I have to check my stash to see if
(however many years ago it was that I started this thing)
I bought fabric to back it.
If not, I will have to buy some then quilt it,
then that's one more project done!!!


you really crafty people need to please quit
adding all of these wonderful,
tempting new ideas that I really my try! 
Somehow my list seems to be getting longer...
not shorter!



  1. What a beautiful plant! I've heard African Violets are hard to care for and yours looks amazing!

  2. hi becky!
    my mom used to have african violets. such a childhood memory...but i can't keep them alive!

    you won a lovely at my place on over and email me directly for details!