Thursday, July 8, 2010

Calling Fellow Crafters...

I have a big favor to ask....I am such a follower, not a leader. I admit that when I see projects, I  can usually copy them pretty well but to come up with the original idea... not so much.  I want to crochet an afghan for my daughter-in-law and her favorite color is "kelly green"...

If anyone has a pattern they would recommend along with coordinating colors, I would be forever in your debt!  Nothing too fancy as I hyperventilate with any skill level above a beginner!  I look at the beautiful crocheted projects you other ladies complete and I am in awe! 

It's sooooo hot!  Our air conditioner went out and we refuse to spend the money to replace it this year!  I don't know how much longer I can hold out!  We bought  some window units and a portable unit for the living room for now.  Just's the middle of July in AZ!  Need I say more!  And's not a dry heat!  (wait a sec...have to wipe the sweat from my brow so I can see the computer screen!) Just kidding... we are getting a system worked out so maybe I will make till next year!

Gotta go....want to get a little crocheting in before bed!




  1. I have lots of afghan patterns (I collect patterns) that I could recommend and also this website has tons of free patterns if you need inspiration:

    and this too:

    I go to those websites all the time for free patterns and have never been disappointment.

    When making an afghan, I always ask myself: "do I want to make it dense or more lacey (with bigger holes), do I want to make granny squares and later assemble them, do I want to make rows with alternating colors or just solid and what style, i.e. Victorian, contemporary..." once I figure that out, I look at my patterns to see what fits.

    Good luck! I'm sure no matter what you chose, it will be pretty :-)

  2. Becky,
    I'd like to follow your blog, but I can't find the "Follow" button....where is it?

  3. Found the "follow" button!

    In answer to your question about coordinating colors with the kelly green. Since your DIL loves kelly green, I'd use mostly kelly green with just a little white and/or black for accent...not too many others to take away from the boldness of the green...

    (but that's just my opinion)

  4. I feel for you! I hope you aren't melting without the AC! It has been so hot lately, but you probably get a bit of relief from the rain? We have been waiting so patiently for the monsoon rains to start up here. ♥ Tracey