Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Weekend...

Happy Weekend All... Had a great day today!  I acutally was up early and had the garage cleaned by midmorning. It's amazing what you can get done when you don't sleep all day!  While cleaning the garage, I came across my yearbooks from both jr high and high school.  So you can tell what I did this afternoon!  Looked back thru all of them reading notes and looking at all the brought back a lot of great memories!

I managed to finish a book, Knit Fast, Die Young, A Knitting Mystery by Mary Kruger.  I have been reading these crazy little mysteries lately! This was the 2nd in her series.
I am also reading Sweater Quest by Adrienne Martini. She is a knitter who decides to take on the Holy Grail of sweaters...the Mary Tudor!  This was designed by reclusive designer Alice Starmore who's designs are called Fair Isle. Being new to knitting, I had no idea what this meant. 
She writes about the "year" it took her to knit this sweater!  It also gives you background history of the creator of this style and how she was inspired to create these patterns. If you crocheters are interested in trying the style yourself, I found that they have a book for crocheters too!  I may get it just to give me something to aspire to in 20 more years! So far, I luv the book!

I also had a chance to make a cute pincushion!  When I go to quilt & craft shows, I tend to pick up little kits and this was one I had on hand. I am totally a kit person...I know... how
 lazy is that!  I am more likely to complete a project if everything is included!
What do you think...

Cute huh?!!!

Other than knitting some on my little scarf project and adding to my crochet project...
that's about all I did today...
Looking forward to the best pizza ever and a movie with the hubby!
So...till tomorrow ladies!

I almost forgot...thanks Pammy Sue and Doris for you great pattern suggestions for my future project. As of yet...I haven't made a decision. It will be a little while before I am ready to start it but when I pick a pattern & yarn, I will be sure to let everyone know!  If anyone else has any suggestions for an easy pattern with Kelly Green yarn...


  1. Oooh I love the pincushion... so cute! That reminds me that I still need to make you one huh?? Okay it goes on the To Do list!!

  2. I love this pincushion!!!! I have to start to make them, I think they are precious.