Sunday, September 19, 2010

Home Again....

What a wonderful weekend!
Both of the kids had to work this weekend so I asked
if I could go up and babysit!

He is getting sooooo big..

Do you not want to just eat him up?!!
He just turned 3 months old
and weighs 14.12 lbs!

He had recently discovered that he had a tongue..

I have realized that I don't know how women wait
till their fortys by choice to have kids!
I am so glad I've been there and done that!
As a grandparent, we can hand them back
to mom and dad!

I have to had it to the kids, they have done a wonderful
job at putting him on a schedule and keeping too it!
At times, I wondered if Kael was testing Nana
to get her in trouble!  I fell for it once,
but not twice!

Good morning's been awhile since 
I've been puked on!  What an eye opener 1st thing
in the morning!  I have to remember to bring
extra shirts next time as I had to do laundry
because he kept spitting up on me! 
That is the worse smell!

Ok...I will let you add your own subtitle!
I couldn't believe his expression!
No...Nana didn't slip anything in the formula..

this is my favorite...
is he not the cutest baby you ever saw?!!

It was really hard to leave him today...
I decided to stop at one of my favorite Mexican
places for some yummy shrimp tacos
and tomatillo salsa!

After lunch, I stopped and visited Grandma...
it's so hard when they really don't speak,
and you don't know if they really understand what you saw...
but I could tell she knew who I was...
that was all that mattered!
She wouldn't let go of me when I went to leave...
of course it made me tear up...
what a wonderful woman.

Next stop on the way home...

Yes...I had Krispy Kreame...

Not one, but two plain glazed doughnuts!
If I was a binge eater, this would be my food of choice!
This is my absolute favorite sweet!

On the drive home, I took the back way thru the farmlands
(because I just hate the freeways & interstate)
and came across this field of wild sunflowers..

Then on the home stretch, 3 miles to go...
what a beautiful sunset to welcome me home...

Well....that was my weekend ladies!
Time to go back to work and do the laundry...
and take care of my two men!

Already planning my next playdate with my little peanut...



  1. I can't believe how big he is getting! Thanks for posting new pictures, I always love to see them. Can't wait till the kids can come down here again.

  2. He is a very sweet baby boy! I know you are a very proud and happy grandma!

    I love Mexican food and looking at that salsa and chips made my mouth water ;-)

    The sunflowers are so beautiful! They are my mother's favorite flower and I love them too!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.

  3. I love your blog... so awesome and so heartwarming... Thanks for sharing