Monday, September 6, 2010

Ohhh...That's Why I Shop By Mail...

Now I know why I shop my mail!
I unfortunately went to the mall today!
Everytime my air goes out, it seems to cost me money...
To escape the heat at home today, we decided to spend
the day in the air conditioned stores...
I should have stayed home!


The hubster wanted a new backpack to go on his
"guy" weekend hiking trip with the boys
so we started out out at the Summit Hut.
They really have a lot of neat outdoor stuff!


Next it was lunch time...Red Lobster!
Had the ususal, I luv the Coconut Shrimp.
Lunch was relatively inexpensive as I had a gift card
I had won at work a couple of weeks ago.
(that helped!)


Then it was on to the mall...y.u.c.k.!!!
Have I said how much I hate shopping anymore?!!
They should ban all those little kiosks things
that have the most annoying employees ever...
How could anyone possible want to work for one of
those things?  I couldn't handle that much rejection!
Do they not think you can see the product available
and decide for yourself if you want to piddle their product?
Ughhhhhh....leave me alone!

Then the sales people in the stores...
I walked by the same lady I know 3-4 times and she
asked me everytime if I was doing okay, did I need help.
How many times do you have to say,
"No, I'm just brousing" before they get it
and also remember that they asked you 3 times before?!!


I did come across one great deal!
We stopped @ Eddie Bauer and I got this great jacket
that was originally $69 for only $19!

So... I guess it was a total bust!
So obviously I didn't get any crafting done today!
Got home and did a little needlepointing and
read some, that's about it!


With the guys out of the house next weekend,
maybe I will be more productive!
Till then...


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