Sunday, September 5, 2010

Is It Winter Yet?????

It is hotter than Hades!
I think I mentioned it earlier this summer
that our air conditioner went out...
intead of forking out thousands of dollars to fix it
this summer, we bought a portable unit
for the living room and two window units
for each bedroom...
(didn't feel like adding a new monthly payment just yet!) my portable unit went out!
It was sooo hot! 
I got a little reprieve this afternoon as I tagged
along with the husband to my BIL's!
He has a pool so while they worked on the
plumbing... I was  in the pool!
Unfortunately....they couldn't finish the plumbing
so I had to eventually come home to the heat!
It was still there as it was when I left!


So....since I had to be in the heat anyway...
why not do a project that I have been putting off!
I saw this project a couple months ago
on a blog
(forgive me but I don't remember which one...
so if it was yours, let me know so I can give you the credit!)


The wall in my laundry room had been blank
since we moved in! 
When I saw this project I just had to do it!
I used contact paper for the stencils
of the letters which I had never done!
It worked much better on the larger letters than
the smaller ones but all in all...
I was happy how it turned out!


The hubby is grillin' up some porkchops, corn on the cob
and zucchini!
Had to find a way not to turn on the stove
or the oven!


Well...getting a little too dark to be blogging so
I will sign out for now...



  1. You poor thing. I know you're miserable in the heat. Ugh. Your little project turned out great and is really cute!

  2. It turned out so cute!!! I love it.