Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oops....I did it again!

I couldn't resist!
I had seen ladies at this blog posting pictures of these
great embroidery pieces they were quilting
and just had to have this fabulous book!
So...I went to my local quilt store and had them order it for me.
One day...


I finally got my blocks for the first week of the
Bernat CAL done tonight!
They were actually pretty easy...
And I was holding my breath that the first week
wouldn't use the one color that I didn't have!
Hopefully it will be in soon, before it's needed for my project!

This week was using the Natural color...

It took me three trys to find the size hook I needed to get
the correct gauge...the pattern called for an "I"
but I tend to crochet tight so I wound up needing an "L".
Of every size crochet hook I have, I did not have an "L".
So... off to JoAnn's I went.
As seen in my previous post, I bought two different
hooks and I absolutely fell in luuuuvvvv
with the one with a bamboo handle!
It really handled great!  I may just have to buy
more with this wonderful handle!

It didn't take long to work them up...

I'm ready for week two!!!


A little on the funny side....

A couple of weeks ago one of the cables went out
on my Direct TV...
the cable guy came out and fixed what he could but
a new cable had to be ran under the house to
make it where I could watch one show and tape another
at the same time.
If Direct TV did the new cable it would cost hundreds of $'s...
we could do it for free!
So my hubby & son got it fixed for me today!
They got on their garb for crawling under the house
and I couldn't resist snapping a picture!

Who you gonna call? 
Ghost Busters!

This is my "baby"...
I told him he looked like a doctor heading to the OR...
His bandana looks like a surgical cap...
the protective eyeware and the paper clothes cover!
Just call him Dr. Rob...

Still have to call Direct TV to get the right settings
but they did a wonderful job!
Thanks guys!


That's about it for today's activities!
We will see what tomorrow brings!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Look What I Got...

Well...why is it that I cannot go into a store
and come out with only the one thing I went in to buy?!!
I went into JoAnn's to get one crochet hook
and...let's see...
Two books, two crochet hooks & one pkg of chochet labels later...

Okay...I don't get out much so when I do...
I have to make up for it!
I used to really luuuvvvv shopping!
In the recent years I really dislike it, go figure! are my goodies!

I hadn't bought a cross stitch magazine in several years
and it had some really cute ideas!
Wanted to check out new ideas and see what's out
there these days...

I came across this book and had to have it!
I had seen someone suggest this book and after
thumbing thru it, I can see why!
It has brought emboidery to the current century!
I will let you know just what cute things it has
once I get a chance to really look thru it!
I can already see some projects I would luv to try!

My hooks and labels!
I had seen these cute labels in my crochet and yarn
magazines and really luved them so I was
really excited when I saw them hanging on wall!
I had to have a package!

And finally...what I went to the store for...
I needed a size "L" crochet hook to try my Bernat project.
Hopefully this will work for my gauge swatch! 
The one on the left is a Susan Bates Crystalite hook
which is usually one of my favorite styles.
On the left is a Susan Bates with a Bamboo handle.
It is really pretty and wondered how it would handle.
So of course I had to buy it!


Well, I guess the only way to see if it's the right sized hook
is to quit blogging and get to crocheting!

Wish me luck!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Here Goes... goes!
I am going to try to do the Bernat Crochet-Along!
If you look close you will note there is one color missing!
I searched high and low at every store in town
and couldn't find the last color!
Hopefully it will come in soon, as I had to order
it online!
Stay tuned and see if I have something to show before the
next clue arrives!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Forgot....

I forgot to share with you the cute bracelet I got
when I went to visit the baby!
There is the scrapbook store that is out of this world!
They have recently added beautiful fabrics
to their repertoire and have
lots of great patterns for quilts, totes
and lots of acessories!
They also have some homemade jewelry
and this is something I have had my eye on for
quite some time but would never spend the money!
For my birthday, the kids gave me a gift card
so that made it a much easier purchase!


Ok ladies....I'm in a pickle!

I was going to do the Bernat Softee Chunky Mystery Crochet project
but I can't get one of the colors for at least a couple of weeks!
I searched every store in Tucson and they don't carry it.
So last week I ordered it on line and it's still backordered!
Since the project starts tomorrow....
Hopefully that color won't be needed right away.
Because trust me...I will need no help in delaying my progress!

We all know how well I do with committments!
(Keep your fingers crossed for me!)
Is anyone else in this bind?
Just curious!


Well...guess I'd better head off to work!
Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Home Again....

What a wonderful weekend!
Both of the kids had to work this weekend so I asked
if I could go up and babysit!

He is getting sooooo big..

Do you not want to just eat him up?!!
He just turned 3 months old
and weighs 14.12 lbs!

He had recently discovered that he had a tongue..

I have realized that I don't know how women wait
till their fortys by choice to have kids!
I am so glad I've been there and done that!
As a grandparent, we can hand them back
to mom and dad!

I have to had it to the kids, they have done a wonderful
job at putting him on a schedule and keeping too it!
At times, I wondered if Kael was testing Nana
to get her in trouble!  I fell for it once,
but not twice!

Good morning's been awhile since 
I've been puked on!  What an eye opener 1st thing
in the morning!  I have to remember to bring
extra shirts next time as I had to do laundry
because he kept spitting up on me! 
That is the worse smell!

Ok...I will let you add your own subtitle!
I couldn't believe his expression!
No...Nana didn't slip anything in the formula..

this is my favorite...
is he not the cutest baby you ever saw?!!

It was really hard to leave him today...
I decided to stop at one of my favorite Mexican
places for some yummy shrimp tacos
and tomatillo salsa!

After lunch, I stopped and visited Grandma...
it's so hard when they really don't speak,
and you don't know if they really understand what you saw...
but I could tell she knew who I was...
that was all that mattered!
She wouldn't let go of me when I went to leave...
of course it made me tear up...
what a wonderful woman.

Next stop on the way home...

Yes...I had Krispy Kreame...

Not one, but two plain glazed doughnuts!
If I was a binge eater, this would be my food of choice!
This is my absolute favorite sweet!

On the drive home, I took the back way thru the farmlands
(because I just hate the freeways & interstate)
and came across this field of wild sunflowers..

Then on the home stretch, 3 miles to go...
what a beautiful sunset to welcome me home...

Well....that was my weekend ladies!
Time to go back to work and do the laundry...
and take care of my two men!

Already planning my next playdate with my little peanut...


Saturday, September 11, 2010


While working on my post today, I had a show on PBS
on the was a special on hummingbirds!
It was very informative and amazing!
They just found little eggs in a nest..
they said they were the size of a tic tac!
Can you believe how tiny that make the baby?
They weighed a baby that was just born and
said it weighed as much as a sticky note!


365 - Day 11 (Oops!)

I know...what happened to days 9 & 10...
I obviously cannot commit to anything!

Somedays you just don't want to turn the computer on!
What can I say...
Although I may not make it everyday...
I will  try do take pictures regularly as I have
really enjoyed finding things to photograph.


Well...I have the house to myself this weekend!
That's right, the guys have gone to the mountains
for the weekend and I have the house to myself!
Last night after work I went out to eat at my favorite
Japanese place and had tempora veggies!
After dinner I went to watch a soccer game.
One of the ladies at my work is on a co-ed team and I
thought it would be fun to watch her play!
The weather was great, with the moisture in the air
the temperatures were fabulous! 
It was cool, but not too cool that you would need your jacket.
Unfortunately...they lost, 5-1.

Today I started in on the laundry, figured I would
try to get it done and out of the way so
tomorrow should be free of chores!

I did do some card making today.
It's amazing how long I was in my studio
and how few things I got done!
I only made five cards and one tag...

I know you see only four cards...
thats because the fifth one won't show up in my
pictures!  I couldn't figure out how to get it to appear!
It's on white cardstock and was embossed so,
you'll have to take my word for it that it's cute!

I also got my toilet paper roll wreath made!
Since I saw this cute idea here...
I believe it was her June 1st check it out!

I painted it dark brown and added an
eggshell blue ribbon. I don't like the ribbon I bought
for it, it's too soft.  Next time I'm out I will
buy a heaver ribbon for it.


Well... I think I'm done with the computer for the day...
laundry to finish,
a little reading,
and food!

My tummy is starting to let me know it's about that

I have one more project for the weekend, hopefully
I will get it finished up tomorrow...till then...


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

365 - Day 8


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

365 - Day 7


Monday, September 6, 2010

Ohhh...That's Why I Shop By Mail...

Now I know why I shop my mail!
I unfortunately went to the mall today!
Everytime my air goes out, it seems to cost me money...
To escape the heat at home today, we decided to spend
the day in the air conditioned stores...
I should have stayed home!


The hubster wanted a new backpack to go on his
"guy" weekend hiking trip with the boys
so we started out out at the Summit Hut.
They really have a lot of neat outdoor stuff!


Next it was lunch time...Red Lobster!
Had the ususal, I luv the Coconut Shrimp.
Lunch was relatively inexpensive as I had a gift card
I had won at work a couple of weeks ago.
(that helped!)


Then it was on to the mall...y.u.c.k.!!!
Have I said how much I hate shopping anymore?!!
They should ban all those little kiosks things
that have the most annoying employees ever...
How could anyone possible want to work for one of
those things?  I couldn't handle that much rejection!
Do they not think you can see the product available
and decide for yourself if you want to piddle their product?
Ughhhhhh....leave me alone!

Then the sales people in the stores...
I walked by the same lady I know 3-4 times and she
asked me everytime if I was doing okay, did I need help.
How many times do you have to say,
"No, I'm just brousing" before they get it
and also remember that they asked you 3 times before?!!


I did come across one great deal!
We stopped @ Eddie Bauer and I got this great jacket
that was originally $69 for only $19!

So... I guess it was a total bust!
So obviously I didn't get any crafting done today!
Got home and did a little needlepointing and
read some, that's about it!


With the guys out of the house next weekend,
maybe I will be more productive!
Till then...


365 - Day 6